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That Kind Of Girl

Boy when I first saw youI knew I could adore uAnd it’s my nature to be shy but not tonight, noSo let me make the first moveI’ll make it easy for youSomeone has to break the ice, oh baby, oh Don’t care bout your money or the car that you driveCos my affection ain’t somethin’

I Owe You

Love is such a precious giftOne thing in my life I know is trueAnd I owe youDeeper than the ocean, babeYou touch me like no one could ever doI owe you And I never could repay that look that’s in your eyesI could save up all my kisses till the end of the timeAll my

I Wish

Ah, come onOoh, who me?Come on, uh I saw you outsideGetting out your rideA CLK 430, you’ve got styleAs soon as I checked you outA ladies man no doubtFrom head to toe you’re all style I like it How bout you buy me a rose cos I thinkThis is gonna get a little interestingLet’s see

Not Such An Innocent Girl

Ooh-ooh babyHey, oh-whoa, babyI’m not such an innocent girl First impressions can be wrongSo let me clear what’s going onBaby I’m not who you think I amI need to feel some lips on mineSo pulling you across the lineYou think I’m the fragile oneOne slip, the damage done I’m not made of chinaI’m not made

Every Part Of Me

Oh, no-whoa, look into your eyes People always talkin’ boutPeople always run their mouthBut when I hold you there’s no doubt my love for you is trueBefore my life was ups and downsAnd happiness I used to chase aroundThat’s why I’m glad you came cos now there’s no substitute And I don’t care whatever may


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