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Have A Heart

Lying in bed aloneThinkin’ ’bout how much I need youOh, give me one more chance to see you againIf only I’d have knownIt was the last time I’d be with youI would’ve held on and never let you go Baby, just have a heartI’m begging youLet me show you how much I need youBaby, just

Love By Another Name

Somewhere past midnightWhen the moment is just rightWe ride the streets of desireWe take it slow andAlways get where we’re goin’‘Cause where there’s smoke there’s fire There’s no denyingWe don’t need to keep tryingLet’s face the music and dance Well it’s all semanticWhat we never sayBut what we feel ain’t goin’ away, , , So

If We Could Start Over

I never found out why you walked awayAnd never said good-byeBut now that I see youI’m torn inside, but I’ve still got my pride I understand that some things are better left unsaidI’m afraid of the truthBut what can I do if I still want you If we could start over againI know if we

I’m Loving Every Moment With You

Do you realize how long it’s beenWhere does all my time with you go?And all the memoriesWe shared as friendsReflected-in my heartIs where they show I’m loving every moment with youI’m living in a dream that’s comin’ trueI’m lost in everything you doI love youI’m saving every moment for youYou’re hidden in a place that’s

If Love Is Out The Question

You bought me flowers and you sold me a lineYou gave me compliments and too much wineI’ve played that game, , , I know all the moves You show emotion but you hide what you feelYou play the innocent but I’ve watched you stealI rest my case, , , you stand accused But I must


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