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Blue And Yellow

and it’s all in how you mix the twoand it starts just where the light existsit’s a feeling that you cannot missand it burns a hole through everyone that feels it well your never gonna find itif your looking for it won’t come your waywell you’ll never find itif your looking for it should’ve done

Maybe Memories

As we trudge along through the mudAnd we tried to call it homeBut we weren’t alright, not at allNot for one second Never have been one to write it downNow I think I canI know I’m stronger nowWho’s looking southNot me I’m not looking backI’m done denying the truth to anyoneCause I’m alive You showed

Buried Myself Alive

you almost always pick the best timesto drop the worst linesyou almost made me cry again this timeanother false alarmred flashing lights well this time I’m not going to watch myself dieI think I made it a game to play your game and let myself cry I buried myself aive on the insideso I could

Pieces Mended

eing faced with what I’m faced with I feellike i can’t rocklike a rock hit my heartstarted to chain the dayand exploded into pieces marry mestay the samelie to me and try to say you never will I’ve got a feeling in my gut now fills mewith so much hopesaid fuck it I’m finedine and

Greener With The Scenery

you took it backhow could you go and do something like thatmy fingernail phaseworst has got the best of youI ask you and I know I need to changeyou took it backyou ripped my heart out of my then you put it backI’m pulling my hairI let you just a million timesI love you even


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