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We have come from the ashes of the burning away Pouring blood in the fire on the altar of pain Led into temptation, now the black gods align Here there is no salvation and your blood is my wine. Here’s a world that is waiting between the living and the dead Here the flesh and

Master Of The Wind

In the silence of the darkness when all are fast asleep I live inside a dream calling to your spirit As a sail calls the wind, hear the angels sing Far beyond the sun across the western sky Reach into the blackness find a silver line In a voice I whisper a candle in the

Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee

The trail of tears began for all the Cherokee The white men came to trade & borrow but then they would not leave Some of us were taken by boat, and died at sea Those of us who lived were sold to slavery We welcomed them as brothers knowing nothing of their greed Born hunters

Achilles Agony And Ecstasy (In 8 Parts)

Prelude I) Hector Storms The Wall See my chariot run to your ships I’ll drive you back to the sea You came her for gold the wall will not hold This day was promised to me The gods are my shield lightning and javelins fly Soon many will fall we are storming the wall Stones

Ride The Dragon

Demon’s blood and dragon fire, falling on my wings Racing to the battle in the sky Ancient gods are calling me I hear them when they sing Of all the heores who wait for me to die Beneath the cloak of magic, I’ll meet them in the air I am invisible, I move without a


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