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Take It All

Looking up from underneath, as low as we are,Nothing looks the same to me, am I deceived?I stand and watch myself from somewhere else,Something I don’t want to receive. Take it all, so I’m left with nothing at all.Have it all, cuz I’m learning how to fall, yes I’m learning how to fall. Standing up

Deeper Into You

I feel it eating in me, while you still drown me.And cross the line over and over again.It’s all around me, now I’m here cause of you. Now I’m falling, I’m falling out cause of you.Now I’m falling, deeper into you. Time to pity myself; I can’t let me cross the line for her.I’m not


You take me down, further inside of meNow I’m fading out, I can barely seeI hover To see you leave again, it’s overAnd it kills me to watch you descend, to the end Can’t think straightShutting me out – closing me outAre you trying – hurtingTaking me out – leaving me outKeeps me struggelingYou’re leaving

Running From Me

Say a prayer for me, cause I can barely breath. I’m suffering, and I can’t take it.Because of me, no one will ever see, this side of me, if I don’t make it, Its like I can’t wake up, its like I cant get upits like I cant remember who I used to beam I


Fear, in me, so deep it gets the best of me and in fear, i fall here it comes, face to face with me here i stand, hold back so no one can see i feel these wounds step down, step down, step DOWN it cannot break me, DOWN Can i break away? push me


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