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Apple Pie A La Mode

[Kelly:] Beyonce [B:] What? [K:] Michelle [M:] What? [K:] Look [B&M:] Where? [K:] Hold up don’t turn your head. Just slowly turn your head [B:] oh yes[M:] oh[B:] Girl… [M:] He’s definitly fine [K:] That’s right He walks in the club with love in his eyes As he steps flock, flockin females by his side


Kelly, can you handle this?Michelle, can you handle this?Beyoncé, can you handle this?I don’t think they can handle this! Barely move, we’ve arrivedLookin sexy, lookin flyBaddest chick, chick insideDJ, jam tonightSpotted me a tender thangThere you are, come on babyDon’t you wanna dance with meCan you handle, handle me You gotta do much better if

My Heart Still Beats

You’re holding meI close my eyesYou’re whisperingAnd I start to cryYou feel so goodSo beautifulFor as long as you liveDon’t let me goJust hold meTouch meFeel meAs long as you love meReach for meAnd need meIf you could trust meAnd teach meNever let go of meBecause you’re half of meMy heart still beatsLooking in the

Dangerously In Love

I love you… I love you, I love you Baby I love you, you are my lifeMy happiest moments were complete if you weren’t by my sideYou’re my relation and connection to the sunWith you next to me, there’s no darkness I can’t overcomeYou are my raindrops, I am the seedWith you and God, who’s

Nasty Girl

You’s a nasty (nasty) Trashy (nasty)Sleazy (nasty) Classless (nasty) Nasty put some clothes on, I told yaDon’t walk out your house without no clothes on, I told yaGirl what ya thinkin’ bout lookin’ that to’ down, I told yaThese men don’t want no hot female that’s been around the block female, you nasty girl Nasty


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