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So Real

Innocence is what i’ve gotIt’ll take true love to hit the spotcan’t control my every moveWhen we’re together We’re in the groovedon’t care about your other girlsI’m the only one who rocks your worldGonna have to keep me satisfiedCause my innocence won’t be denied CHORUSBaby it’s real So so realThat I just can’t explain the

Lock Me In Your Heart

Mandy, the sound of your voice is sweet like candy There was a time when I was all alone Waiting for someone I could call my own I closed my eyes and dreamt you Up all day My prince of charms would ride up And we’d fly away Chorus Take me to a place Where


I’m so committed* to the loving that you’re feeding to me Can’t do without it. This feeling’s got me weak in the knees Body’s in withdrawal every time you take it away Can’t you hear me calling, begging you to come out and play? So baby come to meShow me who you are Sweet to

Quit Breaking My Heart (Reprise)

Quit breaking my heart It’s tearing apart All I need is for you to be true Quit breaking my heart It’s tearing us apart Baby, yeah Quit breaking my heart Yeah, oh baby Come on Quit breaking my heart Oh yeah, yeah Quit breaking my heart Quit breaking my heart

Quit Breaking My Heart

You were my first slow dance Thought that we had a chance But together was too hard for you Hanging out with your friends And my exceptance sees All I need is for you to be true I know you care But it’s just not there When you’re not around I want you there And


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