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By All Means Necessary

Canned laughter for applauseYou’ve opened doorsIn and out of their wivesIn and out of your smallsIt’s not a BAFTA you’re afterYou want a million dollar layBy all means necessaryYou will get your way It all seems so easyBut so are youThat’s what I’ve heard them say All the make up that you wearCan’t hide the

Singing For The Lonely

Singing for the lonelyYou’re not the only ones who feel thisSo scared of what we’re doingAll the time Here comes wasted head-spaceParanoiaAnger, misplaced feelingsLeave me nowhereAll the time I don’t wake up early every morning‘Cause the more I sleep the less I have to sayScared of you always thinking that I’m boringStop me yawning my

Forever Texas

First you say you want meThen you don’t want me reallyBaby do I scare youAm I talkin’ too freely I got no perspectiveOn the things that you lackBaby I don’t careJust lie on your back Baby I’m crazyBut lady I’m lazyAmaze meBaby I’m fadingMy mind’s all jadedAmaze me I’m so superstitiousSo there’s something you should

Knutsford City Limits

You said I was northern scumI was wounded babyThat’s fighting talk where I’m fromAnd I’m not moving babySpent my life dancing with shadows in strobe lightsIt’s alright, everything mellows in sunlight And now London’s got its gimmicksAnd New York’s had its minuteBut Knutsford City limitsI’ll never change I’ve been running nearly all my lifeIt left

Rock DJ

Me with the floorshowKickin’ with your torsoBoys getting highAnd the girls even more soWave your hands if your not with the manCan I kick it?(Yes you can)I got(Funk)You got(Soul)We got everybodyI’ve got the giftGonna stick it in the goalIt’s time to move your body Babylon back in businessCan I get a witness?Every girl, every manHouston,


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