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Driven through the canyons I wasDazzled by the mountains and we didn’t go very farClose enough to heaven if youClimb up on a mansion you too can swing like a star I tried to get inside I bought aTicket with my pride and I was gone right out of my headI went out for a

I’m A Liar

Give me one day give me two dayI want a year near wherever you’re goingGive me one touch give me two iIt’s just too much to wait and watch you glowingI know I said you were free to roamBut I just want to take you homeYeah, my cup overflows but I wanted an ocean Hold


Morning comes, and morning goesNow it’s me against the sunThe day goes by, darkness growsAnd it’s over before it’s done Well I know it’ll be alright if I just get on the roadIf I run I can free my worried mindYeah, I know that the day I die I will lose my heavy loadBut I

No One Else

You’re the movie star of my innerspaceCome to town awhile, bring your quite placeShow me how it’s done with a wave of your handI’m destroyed and recreated No one elseCan make me cryLike you, you, love You’re the only one who did everything rightCome to play with me, come to change my mindSleepy valium, low

Gone To The Movies

Now the rain comes down the windows and itDrops onto the forehead of the waiting boyHe surveys his rental kingdom and heWonders if he’s really lost his one joy Another fool would go down to theOnly place she ever went to lose herselfShe’s gone to the movies now and sheDon’t need your help Now the


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