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Super Fantasy

Golden Keys, cash on trees, raining men its all for me geezEveryone here got the name C wow they all like bowin to me- I must be the King CFeelin super Oompa Loopa boomin in my jeep damn sweet super duper10 washing machines 10 jeeps on auction for me 10 peeps to wash it for

Bad Babysitter

Babysitting sucks but whatever they got junk food, kung fu, egg fu, Dig Dug, a dogtooAnd a hot Jew, Mr. Weintraub, I mean he’s old but not dimed outIf I’m bad I’ll turn around in the corner for Time OutAight Josh what you wanna do? You wanna watch cartoons?HBO got Platoon, hey get back in

I Love You (Or At Least I Like You)

ft. JZone Baby you got what I needTry to sleep I haven’t slept, try to eat I forgetShit where’s your number hope that’s the one I keptNow we just met and I suspect I might just love youWell you can bet I’m mad thinkin of ya, don’t want to trouble yaCheck my dress -about the


I got a dichotomy inside of me like sodomy my brain and body fight on the potty partof me wants a lobotomyIt’s botherin me you need to bottle me into a pill sell me at CVS next to the dillViagra for the terminally illSick and out of control I tried Chicken Soup for the Soul,

Keith 'N Me

ft. Kool Keith [Keith’s rhyme]Baby, can you feel my love?I got my shorts on-And I’m taking them offNow when I saw your face I’m a believerHey what you got the keys to my BeamerA keeper get the fever viva end receiverOochie Wally Wally leave it to my BeaverTake a big sip and inhale, you tip

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