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Craving your body all through the nightFeels like I’m going through withdrawsI wanna hold youI want you inside of these of these armsI’m dying to taste you, I can’t denyCan’t get out of my mindPlease let me hold youCause I need your lovin’ tonight (Hook) Whenever I’m near youMy love just comes downWhenever I see

Just Like Me

(Lil Kim) You got it going on (what, what)you got it going on (what, what)Come on, come on Strictly fuck we/those (6) digit niggasIf the first one is a (9) they a buck behind I live my rhyme At the same time can’t find myself layin up If you payin upBullets start sprayin upyou know

I Will

I’ll pay a penny for your thoughtsA nickel for your kiss, you know that I willI’ll pay a penny for your thoughts, yes I willA nickel for your kiss, you know that I will (listen) Listen honey baby, there’s something that I’veGotta make clearYou may have had other lovers in your lifeThat can’t compare to

Come Back

Ooh, Ohh, hey…Na,Na,Na,Na,NaWhat Ya’ll wanna doWhat all wanna do (tell me) (JD’s RAP) See around hereWe’re just too muchWe could slow it down and ya still couldn’tCatch usMy townFull of heavy hitters,Bread getterReal fly unforgettable type niggasSee all I do is keep hittin’ em upGetting’ em upShakin’ ya butNigga, whatLil LiberaciCan’t nobody stop meAlways’s makin’

Slow Jam

(Usher)I was all aloneI was feeling rather lowI needed someone to lift my spirits upSo I dropped in on a danceJust to take a glanceAnd there this lovely thing wasShe was more than enoughI asked her for her handSaid would you like to danceSo pleased that I had askedShe quickly took my handAnd we danced


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