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He’s got the dirtiest shoes that I ever seenChew on a blunt wipe his butt with a magazineSmokin’ his crack wash it down with gasolineStill he push the button, E.F. Hutton when he speaks to meOh you know he told me Shake it, don’t break itIt took too damn long to make it [Chorus]Leroy is


When I look at your face I see dirt; All the sunshine you blow up my a** starts to hurt; And I don’t really mind if I’m nothin’ in your eyes; It’s no surprise to me; There’s a rocket I built; It’s under my kilt; It’s coming to blow you away. I was a jerk;

Love Is a Mutt From Hell

This is a story about a friend of mineHe is abnormally intelligentHe could bust a phatty rhyme, even when he got up in the bluntBut that all changed when the girl who he lives with came to townHe let here take him away from me so I had to ask him howThat’s when he said,

Teenage Dirtbag

Her name is NoelI have a dream about herShe rings my bellI got gym class in half an hourOh how she rocksIn Keds and tube socksBut she doesn’t know who I amAnd she doesn’t give a damn about me Cause I’m just a teenage dirtbag babyYeah I’m just a teenage dirtbag babyI listen to Iron

Hey Mr. Brown

Man I think it’s just a little sleazyYou said you was like butter but you’re cheesyTo treat me like I’m spinner bait you can’t wait, go fish off some other dock. [Chorus]Hey, Mr. Brown, don’t have a cow.Just compensate me!Hey, Mr. Brown, don’t have a cow.Just compensate me!Hey, Mr. Brown, don’t have a cow.Just compensate


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