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Can’t Let U Go

[JD]Yo, shitI’m sick of this manI can’t even take no moreCause I hate the fact that I love you so muchAnd you don’t even understandWhat this is doin’ to meEverytime I try to get awayI just can’t let you go, you know what I’m sayin?I just can’t let you go [Usher]I never ever wanna hurt


Craving your body all through the nightFeels like I’m going through withdrawsI wanna hold youI want you inside of these of these armsI’m dying to taste you, I can’t denyCan’t get out of my mindPlease let me hold youCause I need your lovin’ tonight (Hook) Whenever I’m near youMy love just comes downWhenever I see

I Don’t Know

[P. Diddy]Check this out, yeah, yeahAll my niggas take a walk with meYou ain’t gotta holla – you can talk with meJust try to learn where my thoughts can beAnd how I stack figuresLearn why I’m real – still that niggaI get money I ain’t gotta do a crimeShit I hit dimes – what I

Just Like Me

(Lil Kim) You got it going on (what, what)you got it going on (what, what)Come on, come on Strictly fuck we/those (6) digit niggasIf the first one is a (9) they a buck behind I live my rhyme At the same time can’t find myself layin up If you payin upBullets start sprayin upyou know

IntroLude 8701

8701Man it’s been a long time comingBut I never forgot about youI’m hereYeah, we’ve traveled the worldSeen a lot of places, so many facesWe had a good time – we’ve grown togetherWho would’ve thought we’d stay down this long, heh?This is my chance to share my world with youAnd I know you’re gonna like itAre


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