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Bring You Back My Way

Oh yeah, oh.I never knew why I, told you all the lies.And everytime you cry, it made me realize.I’d be lying to myself if I told you I can do it without you babe.I can’t think of no one else who would try to put up with the, worst of me.You keep making sure it’s

How You Gonna Act Like That

It seems like just the other day that we hooked up(I was drivin’, you was walkin’ and I swooped you up)From that moment on I knew you were the one, yeah(I was single, you was lonely and we fell in love) We would sit and talk for hours about anything(Baby, you hang up, no, you

For Always

Something about the way, words to describe who I cannnot say,I’m going outta my mind thinking of you at times,Cause you make me feel so wonderful. My heart is willing, won’t you stay with me.Promise to me love for always.You know there’s nothing, I won’t do for you.I want you in my life, for always.

Just A Baby Boy

[Tyrese:]I know sometimes it might get crazyI’ll always be here for you ladyBaby I’m just tryin’a change the gameSo let me work the thang Let me do my thing [Snoop:]dumb, young and full of shitlil crazy ass niggahomie where u fromI bang the betBang the setTat on my neckTeck on deckYeh yeh watch yo stepHe


Ohhhh, do I got a story to tell,An unexpected one.Ohhhh, woke me out of my sleep one Sunday morning,I said who’s at the door, she repeating housekeeping, housekeeping.I thought the sign on the door said do not disturb.I had to stop myself from getting mad after I seen her.I couldn’t believe my eyes, she had


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