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He Ain’t Worth Missing

He’s flying high tonightHe’s got a brand new loverHere you come a-runnin’You’re looking for some coverI know you’re sad and lonelyI know you’re feeling blueYou miss him so muchWon’t let me get to close to you Oh he ain’t worth missin’Oh we should be kissin’Stop all this foolish wishin’He ain’t worth missin’I know your head

A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action

I was getting kinda tired of her endless chatterNothing I could say ever seemed to matterSo I took a little drive just to clear my headI saw a flashing neon up ahead It looked like a place to find some satisfactionWith a little less talk and a lot more action I paid the man at

Mama Come Quick

I straddled my bicycle when I was ten years oldI rode it up on Maxwell Hill where all the big boys goWay down at the bottom there’s a creek bed six feet wideIf you peddle fast enough you can make the other side Mama come quick I think I fellAnd hurt myself againMama come quick

Ain't No Thang

I let another one get away She said she’s gone for good But that’s all old hat now I always thought she would To tell you the truth I’m prepared to fall apart It’s just like deja vu I know it all by heart It ain’t no thang, I already know how it feels Same

Should've Been A Cowboy

I bet you’ve never heard ol’ Marshall Dillion sayMiss Kitty have you ever thought of running awaySettling down would you marry meIf I asked you twice and begged you pretty pleaseShe’d of said yes in a New York minuteThey never tied the knotHis heart wasn’t in itHe stole a kiss as he road awayHe never


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