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Invisible Man

Haven’t seen me lately, staying hard to findwell I know it aint, but you know I don’t mindI always know where you are, you never know where I amYou’ve got me sneaking around like the invisible manYou’ll never know where i’ve gone,you’ve gone and done it againYou’ve got me sneaking around like the invisible manGoing

Leg To Stand On

Get on your horse and rideWhat she said to me you would never believeSomeone should have shot the messengerWas like sticking needles in my eyesShe meant what she said, when I had nothing to loseTried to shake you awake but you would not moveNot on your life ’cause i’m on to your lies Is it

Any Other Way

You’ve tried to open your mouth but only shit would come outI always wondered where you got it fromYou haven’t heard a damn word I’ve said,you never believed in anything I didI don’t care what you’re doing,do what you want to, look what it got youYou can’t help yourselfI know you’ll never changeYou say you

Nothing Could Come Between Us

Well i’m running back and forth from here to South Carolinawishing you were here. I guess I should watch what I wish forYou’re right on time, so invite me in,this is where your trouble beginsbut I like you better than the other ones, and you say i’m rightwhen you know i’m wrong. We could never


Felt like the earth was aliveFelt like a life worth livingToo bad that knife in my back was so heavyand now the bitch is gone, but still the knife remainsso glad she’s packed and gone alreadyWell it’s like…life after death is life after youhalf of all of this is gonna have to dois gonna have


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