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Probably Built In The Fifities

I might be moving to the eastto part my waysAnd I will try to get somethingI don’t have yetIf I do, I will look at itfor days and daysUntill I will never forget I have heard this mental searchhas made them alltake a look along the borderHaving the urgeFor their mindsto be liftedto something newI’m

In Motion # 2

I see him turn awayAlthough my eyes are shut with emptinessAnd again the rain falls downTogether with me This blood in my body runs for youDrink my tears as I cry My heart and my mind crave for youDrink my tears as I cry It is sad how the rain falls down I see you

Analog Park

In the garden, in the park, on a bench, I sit.A newspaper floats on the breeze of this late summer.It is coming my way,I patiently wait. I see the sign, it’s on the roadand I think it’s crazy In the garden, of the park, on a bench, I watch.The sandy feet of the children.Pearls of

In Motion # 1

Kill me with your thoughtsUse your mindHand me over to this worldInto death… Make me cry in vainLeave one tearTouch my face with your sighLeave me against the streamOne hundred worlds will see mePassing by…

Rescue Me

All I wantis to be where you areWisdomwill nurse you Pass your senseon to meWeigh my handsAnd help me I gaspfor airwhat is the wearThat shows on my face Pass your senseon to meWeigh my handsRescue me I rinse my facein waterMy breath runs outin the waves


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