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Me inside

Giving in to what has got meFeeling claustrophobic, scarredsevered me form all emotionLife is just too fucking hardSnap! Your face was all it loockCuz this need ain´t doin´ me no goodFall on my face, but can´t you see?This fucking life is killing me! Tearing me – inside too far gone, I´m catatonicLeaving you to criticizeempty


Relax…it’s over,you belong to me,I fill your mouth with dirtRelax…it’s over,you can never leaveI take your second digit with me… Love…You are…my first,I can breathI find you fascinatingYou are…my favorite,lay you down to sleepIt’s all that I can do to stop…Love…So blue…so broken,paper doll decaysI haven’t left you yetSo cold…subversive,your eyes are full of bleachTomorrow,I

Left Behind

I’ve known faces that have disapeared in timeFind me wrapped in glass and slowly soaked in limeAll My friends have pictures made to make you cryI’ve seen this and wondered what I’ve done to calcify (I ignore you)As I close my eyes I feel it all slipping away(I come toward you) We all got left

No Life

My freedom is best Whole country’s on house arrest And everyone’s a suspect You can’t feel the flow because you died Face down on a "suicide" The muthafucker’s on self-destruct Nobody guardin’ your back, it’s all a front Save this! My rage is bliss! I’m takin’ names and gettin’ pissed! Where’s Chuck D when ya

Only One

Pain. Made to order. Pain. Sittin’, slappen, scatt’n on my back, try’n to relax Think’n about the facts of the crack runnin’ through the pack Division in thought about the war to be fought For tryin’ to mend the ranks, still I get no thanks They say they mean no disrespect, but dis’ is in


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