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Can’t Wait

{*radio crackles as it’s tuned*}".. possibly a lot of rain this afternoon, with thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 80’s, and lows about 75 degrees. It’s 11:30 A.M. on WFDS, +We’re From the DarkSide+ radio. This is Dave Rock’n’Reel, as we take a caller. Caller, you’re on the air." [Roz]Yeah yeah yeah! This is Roz from


[basically] (24X) Whoo, hahh… ohhahh, woooohAww shit!! Hey dudes my interludes more fatter than most niggaz LP’sSo don’t sell me to stale cheeseI’m more nicer than Little Red Robin Hood’s grandmamapuffin on ganja, sippin on a, Cherry BiancaMy grand finale’s like an alley when it’s rowdykick more bars than the penile GAnd let my nine

Sooperman Luva II

[hard enough that I can chew a whole bag of rocks]Hyah! Attention to all you punk motherfuckers out there(uh-huh uh-huh, check it out, check it out)Funky Noble Productions represent for the nine-four and nine-five areaReggie Noble and Rockwilder in the house for the nizzowIf you don’t know you might as well close your biz out(To

Rockafella (R.I.P.)

(Pop in the disc, and who the hell is this?) Sat down and opened my mind and said it’s timeFor me to design the right linesMake you one of a kind boy rough and tough and all that stuffSure enough I’ll make the brother’s change their mindsThen you understand my only principleNo need to fuck

Soopaman Luva 3

Look, up in the sky (SOOP-soop…)It’s a bird (SOOP-soop…)IT’S A PLANE!! (SOOP-soop…)Nah motherfuckers (SOOP-soop…)Hahaha Verse One: I was, flyin through the motherfuckin skyWith my blunt full of lye, boom-ba-zee on fiveCode name beez the Soopa-Man cock my LugerBlast on state trooper, I’m on the run GI’ve got these hoes spreaded, from Japanese to diabeticsToes stay


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