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Take The Power Back

Spoken: ‘Crank the music up’ Bring that shit in! Uggh!Yeah, the movement’s in motion with mass militant poetryNow check this out…uggh!In the right light, study becomes insightBut the system that dissed usTeaches us to read and write So called facts are fraudThey want us to allege and pledgeAnd bow down to their GodLost the culture,

Born Of A Broken Man

My fears hunt me downCapturing my memoriesThe frontier of lossThey try to escape across the street whereJesus stripped bareAnd raped the spirit he was supposed to nurtureIn the name of my in the name of my Born of a broken manBut not a broken manBorn of a broken manBut not a broken man Like autumn

Born As Ghosts

The hills find peaceLocked armed guard postsSafe from the screamsOf the children born as ghostsGates guns and alarmsShape the calm of the dawnPeering down into the basinWhere death lives onWhere young run foaming at the mouth with hateWhere burning batons beat the freezing who shakeUnder the toxic sunsets they dine and toastTheir walls deny the

Guerilla Radio

Transmission third world war third roundA decade of the weapon of sound above groundAin’t no shelter if you’re looking for shadeI lick shots at the brutal charadeAs the polls close like a casketOn truth devouredA silent play on the shadow of powerA spectacle monopolizedThe camera’s eye on choice disguisedWas it cast for the mass who

Renegades Of Funk

No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop this nowNo matter how hard you try, you can’t stop this now Prehistoric ages and the days of ancient GreeceOn down through the Middle AgesWhen the earth kept going through changesThere’s a business going on, cars continue to changeNothing stays the same, there were always renegadesLike


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