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Angels With Dirty Faces

[Bizzy Bone]Let it go (Let this angel life go)Let yourself go(Time is passin’ ’til the cops come)Big beef, big beefin’ with the Mistress(On and on and on and on and on and on and)Over the backs of the lines as we growl, mutherfucker We are livin’ in the last motherfuckin’ daysThis is RevelationsIf it don’t

Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down

(Puff) Bad Boy… we ain’t gon’ stop Verse One: Mase Now with Sean on the hot track, melt like it’s hot waxPut it out, all the stores, bet you could shop that (that’s right)Leave a nigga with a hot hat, fronting likeBad Boy ain’t got tracks (nigga stop that)There’s no guy slicker than this young


[singing by India]Sabes bien que fue un enga~o lo que me hiciste fue un pecadoasi mismo me enga~aste (~ substituted for the spanish n) translation: You know well it was a lie what you did to me was a sin that’s the way you betrayed me…. Verse One: Puff Daddy Honey I keep you hot

Been Around the World

Intro: Mase Yo yo, this Mase, youknowhatI’msayin?You got niggaz that don’t like me for whatever reasonYou got niggaz that don’t wanna see me richYou got niggaz that’s mad, cause I’m always with they bitchThen you got niggaz that just don’t like meYou know, the, those P.H.D. niggazBut you know I pop a lot of shit

I'll Do This for You

[Puffy] (Mase) |Kelly|Yeah, we up now, yeah (Uh c’mon)Yeah, we up now (Uh, uh c’mon)We up now |Baby, I like it|Yeah, yeah (Uh, uh c’mon)(Uh uh c’mon) |I like it babe|(Uh uh c’mon)(C’mon c’mon c’mon)They’re back [Puffy]Yo, now nobody party like we partyYou wouldn’t know ’till you cats see me partyI hardly sip bacardiSo your


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