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Drop It From The Top Don’t Let The Motherfucker Stop Cops Want The Props Tripping Like A Bunch Of Pork Chops Don’t They Know We’re Loco Going Cuckoo For Our Coco Puffs So Rough So Tough Sho’nuff Make It Funky Enough Don’t Let The Rhythm Stop Drop The Fronts At Once You Know You’re Falling


We’re Piling It Too High Talk Not Saying Anything What We Leave Behind What We Can’t Afford To Keep There’s No Sympathetic Posturing There’s No More True Humanity The Old Ways Aren’t Working Anymore Let’s Separate The Users From The Whores Creepy Crawl Twist The 4-5 Cap To Get Wrapped Tight Slap The Wax On

Before I Die

Set Me Free Let Me Be Who And What I Am Why Can’t You See? You Never Seem To Understand This Pain I Feel Is As Real As Your Ignorance Question Fate As I Await Deliverance Like A Fantastic Fork In Bloody Meat Don’t Give Me Love I Wanna Drowned In Your Deep Divide Tumbleweed

Idle Worship

I’ve Got A Great Choice Of Career Staring Endlessly Into The Mirror I’ve Got A Blank Look On My Face Never To Ever Disappear, Disappear This Is My Chance At The Mirror This Is My Chance At The Mirror I Find I See Myself In Your Eyes Feel Your Regret, Taste Your Despise I Am

Born Of Desire

Wait I Feel So Helpless In This Haze Better Days Are Laid To Rest. Life’s A Test World Of Stress. Who Is Blessed? Can I Get A Little Heart? You Know The Deal Our Weakness Is We Feel Torn Apart. Still We’ve Got To Keep It Real. Born Of Desire Conspired Denial Be Your Own


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