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She Was A Teenage Zombie

Don’t know what I’m feeling or what I should sayOn how my life changedThe day I stumbled on her grave Not a necrophilliac, I guess I was boredI just love to spend myTime with a fresh embalmed corpseOf course[chorus]She was a teenage zombieShe was a teenage corpseShe was a teenage zombieDrop dead gorgeous that’s for

B-Movie Scream Queen

Another dead girl on the tubeShe’s my Lilly Munster crawling from her tombDark black circles around her eyesCold dead lips and a crooked spineShe’s the living dead, she’s a ghoulish fiendShe’s the deadest girl of my dreamsLiving her is like a lobotomyA late night creature feature starring you and me[pre-chorus]She’s evil as she wants to

Grave Robbing U.S.A.

Well I come from the planet beyond the starsLooking for some human body partsI’m gonna pull your body from your graveCause I’m graverobbing U.S.A. And I’m riding around in my black starshipLooking for some crypts to kickI’m gonna pull your body from your graveCause I’m graverobbing U.S.A.[chorus]And I’m graverobbing U.S.A.And I’m graverobbing U.S.A.And I’m digging

Love At First Fright

When I saw you piss on the rug, my heart flutteredAnd I knew it was love, true loveAll the things you said and did to your momI knew you were the only one, the only one for me[pre-chorus]Go and call the priest so he can exorcize meBe my ghoul tonight…[chorus]Regan it was love at first

Die My Bride

Well I’d rather cut you than the wedding cakeAnd your blood cuts on my rented tux And I do, I do, I do wanna kill youTil dead do us part, I’ll tear us apart Now I kiss your cold dead lipsAnd I dip my chips in the blood that dripsAnd I smear the cake in


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