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He Said

Whatever you need for him to doHe will do it if you give him the chanceAnd I am telling he’s already proudThat he can do anything,So give him the chance Now there’s been so many times I called on him Regardless of the circumstanceHe was thereSo now I devoted my life to serving himIt’s me

Hold On

[Chorus:]Hold on to your faithNo matter what you been throughI know he’ll make a wayIf you just hang onJust a little longerCome on hold, hold, hold on To your faith I know that you have asked yourselfWill things ever changeAnd just the other day I asked the Same thingAnd the answer is plainFor you and

Thank You

Tragedies are commonplaceAll kinds of diseases, people are slipping awayEconomies down, people don’t getEnough payBut as for me all I can say isThank you Lord for all you done for me Folks without homes are in the streetsAnd the drug habit some say They just can’t beatMuggers and robbers, no place seemsTo be safeBut you’ve

So Close

There’s something in your yesterdayThat’s keeping you away from himMaking you believe what you’ve done He won’t forgiveTelling you that you’re just too farFrom himBut there is something he wants youTo know? That there’s no road that you can travelTo a place that’s too far [Chorus:]He’s so close he can hear you breathingHe’s so near

God Has Smiled On Me

This morning I picked up a paperI read about tragedy I stopped andI realized that it could’ve been me oh ohThat could’ve been my motherOr maybe even my big brotherBut you kept them just like you kept meI want to tell you that [Chorus:]God has smiled on meHe has set me freeGod has smiled onHe


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