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Battle Hymns

By moonlight we ride ten thousands side by side With swords drawn held high our whips and armour shine Hail to thee our infantry still brave beyond the grave All sworn the eternal vow the time to strike is now Kill, Kill, Kill Kill, Kill, Kill Gone are the days when freedom shone now blood

Army Of The Immortals

Battle hymns did sound the call. You came to our side. You heard true metal – into glory Ride. You stood beside us the false ones Cried. – Your love is judgement. You gave us life. You wait in the rain – you walk Through the snow. We give you Our blood. We want you

Blow Your Speakers

Wrote a letter to the M.T.V. What’s goin’ on now Don’t ya care about me Sent the same letter to the radio, But my party went dead Like a shot in the head We all like it-Rock and Roll We all want it-On your show Play it loud,don’t play it low Blow your speakers with

Blood Of The Kings

Brothers the battle is raging Choose your side Sing with us the BATTLE HYMNS into glory ride hail to england the sign of the hammer’s our gide Forever we’re fighting the world Side by side On a crusade The world we bring Four Kings of Metal Four Metal Kings Death to the false ones Dance

Blood Of My Enemies

Three sons have I, and they Ride by my side. – The fierce, The black, and the wicked are their names – we ride down my enemies on their half-hearted flight. No voice of mercy – no evangels of light. Mighty messengers – heathens rage Witness our coming – gods of the dead. I ride


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