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Bring Your Heart To Mine

Why am I not surprised, I see it in your eyesYou’re just not happy with your lifeRunning from guy to guyLiving another lie when you should be mine I saw you on the block today Was gonna speak, but I walked awayCouldn’t find a single thing to say Down the street the thought had still

Are You Using Me?

Wait a minuteLet’s try something differentThis is LutherWith the masters at work Last night I had some trouble sleeping.. [1] – Are you, are you, are you using me?Are you, are you, are you using me?Are you, are you, are you using me?Are you, are you, are you using me? No more will I let

Are You There (With Another Guy)

I’m standing on your doorstep And I don’t know what to doShould I ring your doorbell or just walk awayMy friends all say that you were never trueI’m hiding in the shadows I hear the music coming out of your radioAre you there with another guy instead of me(Yeah, yeah, yeah)I hear the laughter and

Are You Mad At Me?

I was lost until the day I found you And I know you knowThere’s not a thing for you that I wouldn’t doBut, yesterday was rough on meI was under the weatherSo my dear, I didn’t have much to say And I rushed you off of the phone last nightSo I called you back to

Take You Out

Yeah, yeahHere it is She caught me by surprised I must sayCause I never have seen such a pretty faceWith such a warm and beautiful smileIt wasn’t hard for me to notice her styleI was fascinated, surelyShe took my heart and held it for meI wouldn’t let her get awayNot until she heard me say


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