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Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

La la laLa la la la laLa la laLa la la la la I just can’t get you out of my headBoy your loving is all I think aboutI just can’t get you out of my headBoy it’s more than I dare to think about La la laLa la la la la I just can’t

Burning Up

Down to the discoEverything stopsWalking in soloEveryone drops Hey summer madnessTotally coolMy heart starts racingWhen i see you I’m burning up babyI’m burning upCan you feel it burning me My pulse is pumpingMy heart may burstIf you drink me up i’mGonna quench your thirst You’re not honestNo you’re not that niceBut if i kiss you

I'll Still Be Loving You

1: I’m seeing it your way But I don’t believe it’s true that I’m not the one to make you happy It would be so wrong for us to break in two But do what you gotta do CHORUS: I hope you find someone Who can love you like I do I’ll be strong inside


1: Everybody’s doin’ a brand new dance now (C’mon baby do the loco-motion) I know you’ll get to like it If you give it a chance now (C’mon baby do the loco-motion) My little baby sister can do it with ease It’s easier than learning your a b c’s So come on, come on, Do

Nothing To Lose

INTRO: Gotta take a chance Gotta make a move Got everything to gain And nothing to lose Ah – nothing to lose 1a: Last night I fell asleepI made up my mind What I would say to you, and This time I’d make you see It’s her or me Nothing can come between us 1b:


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