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Beggin’ Me

You made the choice you decided to goI pleased and cried, but you still said noBut now I realise that I just don’t need youDon’t return beggin’ please cause it’sdone and we’re throughWe are just not meant to beSo baby I’m asking you please Don’t come beggin’ meTrying to get to meYou’ll start needin’ meDon’t

Butterflies Don’t Lie

You walk by and my heart beatsA thousand times at once it seemsAnd every time you look at meI have to tell myself to breatheWith just a smile you capture me, and I start to meltEmotions then take over me like I’ve never felt I could tell me heart each timeIt isn’t love, you’re just


Could it be the littleThings you do to meFeelings that I’m feelingAre so new to meI’m going throughSo many changesNothing ever feltAs strange asHow my heart goesCrazy when youLook at me-oh [CHORUS:]When I’m with youIts paradiseNo place on EarthCould be so niceThrough the crystal waterfallsI hear you callJust take my handIts paradiseYou kiss me onceI’ll

Kiss Me Crazy

Baby I can’t take myself away from youIt’s absolutely positively what you doSo drive me outta my mindBefore you lead me one kiss at a time Come on baby kiss me crazyTell me that you miss me babyYou know what I’ve gotGive me what I wantKiss me crazy come on babyOnly your two lips can

Just An Old Boyfriend

I see you on the streetMy broken heart still skips a beatI hear your name inside I go insaneBaby each day that we don’t touch is one more day it hurts too muchI can’t forget the love that we made But there’ll come the moment that we’re gonna meet (again)Baby it won’t even bother meTrying


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