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ohh whoa ohh…. I respect a man raisin his kids all on his ownI respect a man who makes sure he takes care of homeyou gotta respect a man with good judgementcuz I’ll be damned if someones takin care of my kidsand I respect a man who treats his woman like a queenI know you’re

He Can’t Love You

I ain’t no hata or nothing But he can’t love you like I can Trust me Ooh, ooh, ooh As the clock strikes twelve I’m sitting here wondering how the hell Did I let you leave And baby I know that I did my share Of things to deceive you I’m just trying to get

Funny How

It’s real funny baby How one day everything’s all good and then the next Your world comes crumbling down Well it’s funny how, it’s funny how rain drops they fall (they fall) Everything’s right It’s funny how everything goes wrong (go wrong) You’ll be a friend It’s funny how everyone’s gone (they’re gone) It’s funny


Remedy, JE y’allI know what it isIt’s that jagged little thrill right hereCheck this out Oh, oh, oh…Do you think about it baby? Do you think about it while your workingWhile you’re working late?Feeling like is it something – is it something more than thisGirl if you need somebody, I’mma bring the DonSo we can

Can We Be Tight

Can we be tight again?Cause you wanna know something(Can we? Can we? Can we? ooh)JE y’all Can we be tight?Can we be tight again?Can we be tight? I can’t go one more day without your love, I’m giving upGot all my niggas sayin’ I’m a punk, and I don’t wannaFeel like I’m chasing, wasting time


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