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I See God In You

Every day that you pass my way, I wonder, I wonder about your lifeWhat is your age, are you connected if so, does she treat you rightNow please, excuse me for being so forwardBur I couldn’t let this chance go by without lettin’ you know I [Chorus]I wonder, I wonder if you really knew, that

Beautiful Surprise

It’s like yesterdayI didn’t even know your nameNow todayYou’re always on my mindI never could have predicted that I feel this wayYou’re beautiful surpriseIntoxicated every time I hear your voiceYou’ve got me on a natural highIt’s almost like I didn’t even have a choiceYou’re beautiful surprise Whatever it is you came to teach meI am


This is in remembrance of our ancestorsSam Cooke and Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway And all that came beforeYou opened up a doorCause of you A change gon’ come…


Now that you’re right here,Let me whisper in your earNow that you’re listening,Let me tell you how I fillI’ve been trying to formulateThe perfect words the perfect wayI can’t hold it back no moreI gotta let you know todayIts [Chorus]Simple (What more can I say)So SimpleI Love you (What more can I say)Simple (What more


The time is rightI’m gonna pack my bagsAnd take that journey down the roadCause over the mountain I see the bright sun shinningAnd I want to live inside the glowYeah I wanna go to place where I am nothing and everythingThat exists between here and nowhereI wanna got to a place time has consequence oh


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