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Walking over the same old grassTrying to stay on the beaten pathI don’t need to apologizeFor the things I don’t recognize Artie, take a look at memay not wanna think about all the little thingsThat piss you off about me Hey there manI didn’t trash your canBut I’ll apologize for all the little thingsThat piss


Chorus:Broadway is dark tonightA little bit weaker than you used to beBroadway is dark tonightSee the young man sitting in the old man’s bar waiting for his turn to die The cowboy kills the rockstarAnd Friday night’s gone to farThe dim lights hides the yearsOn all the faded girls Forgotten but not goneYou drink it

I’m Addicted

Walking round this dirty townDrinking up till we fall downDon’t want to live forever this wayBut it’s gonna have to do for todayI’m addicted as I want to be Waiting for their hurried callI got my back against the wallDon’t wait to be shownGo out and learn your ownI’m addicted as I want to be

James Dean

Look around outsideAin’t nothing to do but hang aroundThink about all the stupid things that I’ve doneI guess I ain’t nothin’ but a clownIf I had a wish, I swear I’d wish, I’d wish for just one thingAnd I don’t even like to think about all the things my wish’d bring ‘Cause I just wanna

Just The Way You Are

I’m in love because I know youAnd I’m sorry I don’t show youAnd if I find that you ain’t by meI’m afraid no one will know the things you seeHow could you believe in someone sorry and sad like meI know the deal and I thank you anywaysAnd if you leave you know I’m crawling


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