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Broken Silence Intro

[News Reporters Speaking]"Rapper Foxy Brown was arrested today in Raleigh, North Carolina on misdemeaner charges for an alledged altercation with a hotel employee.She was arrested and released on a thousand dollar bond but if found guilty of the charge, she could face up to sixty days in prison." "Gun fire erupted today outside a Greenwich

Broken Silence

[Foxy Brown speaking]The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?When the wicked came against me to eat up my fleshMy enemies and foes, they stumbled and fellThough an army may encamp against meMy heart shall not fearThough war

Bout My Paper

[Mystikal]If it ain’t about my paper (paper)The bitch don’t call me(Bitch don’t call me)Cause I’m about my motherfucking business (my business)So you can kill that talking (kill that talking)If you ain’t got no motherfucking confrontationThen keep on walking(Watch out there now)Cause I’m about to show you what you paid for when you came herePut your

B.K. Anthem

Lemme tell you where I grew up atSip mo’, threw up at, flip coke, blew up thatWhere fake thugs got they vests shoot up atBrooklyn! Beef, who want that? I grew up in the thoroist borough – B.K.Where B.I.G. had everybody rockin’ D.K.Gav was the first dude wit’ the C.L.K.and bricks was gettin’ shipped outta

Gangsta Boogie

La La La La LaIt’s the motherfucking B-R-O-W-NWhoaSlow your roll niggasIt’s about to go down my niggasI’m outta control stillBubble slow andLow in the rov andSpit stick flow I’m a problemNiggasY’all can’t fuck with BoogI’m too hoodF-B the rap Angelina JolieEverything from Carty to ChloePosha here little Fifthmar thereNiggaIt’s not a game on the mic


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