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Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home

Oh baby, won’t you please come home‘Cause your mama’s all aloneI have tried in vain, never no more to call your name When you left you broke my heartBecause I never thought we’d partEv’ry hour in the day…you will hear me sayBaby, won’t you please come home {sax solo} When you left you broke my

Boy! What Love Has Done To Me!

I fetch his slippers, fill up the pipe he smokesI cook the kippers, laugh at his oldest jokesYet here I anchor, I might have had a bankerBoy! what love has done to me His nature’s funny, quarrelsome half the timeAnd as for money, he hasn’t got a dimeAnd here’s the joker, I might have had

Boy Wanted

Verse:I’ve just finished writing an advertisementCalling for a boy.No half-hearted Romeo or flirt is meant;That’s the kind I’d not employ.Though anybody interested can apply,He must know a thing to qualify.For instance: Refrain 1:Teddy:He must be able to dance.he must make life a romance.I said a boy wanted,One who can smile;Boy wanted,Lovable style.He must be tender

Can’t We Be Friends?

I thought I’d found the man of my dreams.Now it seems, This is how the story ends:He’s goin’ to turn me down and say,"Can’t We Be Friends?" I thought for once it couldn’t go wrong.Not for long! I can se the way this ends:cNever again! Through with Love,Throught with men!They play their game without shame,

Aren’t You Kind Of Glad We Did?

Oh, it really wasn’t my intentionTo disregard conventionIt was just an impulseThat had to be obeyed. Though it seems convention we’ve been scorningI’ll still not go in mourningThough my reputationIs blemished, I’m afraid. With just one kissWhat heaven, what rapture, what bliss Honestly, I thought you wouldn’t.Naturally, you thought you couldn’t.And probably we shouldn’t.But aren’t


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