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Take My Hand

Touch my skin,and tell me what you’re thinkingTake my hand and show me where we’re goingLie down next to me, look into my eyes and tell me, oh tell me what you’re seeingSo sit on top of the world and tell me how you’re feelingwhat you feel now is what I feel for youTake my

My Life

What I choose to do is of no concern to you and your friendsWhere I lay my hat may not be my home, but I will last on my own‘Cause it’s me, and my lifeit’s my life Oh the world has sat in the palm of your hand not that you’d seeand I’m tired and

Thank You

My tea’s gone cold, I’m wondering why I got out of bed at allthe morning rain clouds up my window and I can’t see at allAnd even if I could it’d all be grey, but your picture on my wallit reminds me that it’s not so badit’s not so bad I drank too much last

Don't Think Of Me

So you’re with herand not with meI hope she’s sweetand so prettyI hear she cooks delightfullya little angel beside youSo you’re with her and not with meOh how lucky one man can beI hear your houseis small and cleanOh how lovely with your homecoming queenOh how lovely it must be When you see her sweet

All You Want

I’d like to watch you sleep at nightto hear you breathe by my sideAnd though sleep leaves me behindthere’s nowhere I’d rather beAnd now our bed is oh so coldmy hands feel emptyno one to holdI can sleep what side I wantIt’s not the same with you goneOh if you’d come homeI’ll let you know


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