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Never Give Up

Mmm, ehy, ehy We’ve been togheterAnd then through the extremeYou put your trust in meWhen all I had was dreamsMy world gets hecticBut you still found a wayTo balance out the timeMy love is here to stayI never stop lovin youNo no no Never give up, never give upNever give up, lovin youNever give up,

She Says

I’ve been here before but never made a choiceinstead I made the most of a bad situationbut who’s to say I won’t, walk right out that doorand leave the only love that I’ve ever known she says that she loves mebut not the way she acts towards mebut if I leave her will she stop

Money Can't Buy

yeah, ohhh baby, ohhh she lives a high life in the city never a time in her life she had a 9-5she has a penthouse in Manhattanshe’s close to the sky so at times she believes she can flywith all of her moneyhurts to know the truthand she don’t understand she can’t buy her way


Set yourself on a movie screen play any part or be anything know what i mean its all about right its all its all about wrong about you and me and how to get along ya gotta wake up work hard and take a deep breath open your heart and never forget ya gotta fly

Miss California (Rap Remix)

feat. Pras [Pras (Dante)]Uh, I mean I’m just sittin right here (California)Ckeckin out these ladies right here, baby you hot(This is where he saw her)I mean you sexy, oh my God,(I long to love her)I’magine one question: "Where you from anyway?" [Dante]She’s Miss California, hottest thing in West L.A.House down by the water, sails her


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