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Bad Touch Example

Since you’re my special friend, come closer for a special treat(Uh)I’m going to let you touch me in a special place(But I don’t want to touch you there) It is never ok to touch someone else’s private partsYour mom and dad will tell you so Verse One: Bigg Jus Yo’ eyes get, blind like Tupac


Yo, yo yo yo, yoIt’s a shame when these MC’s fuck with us Yo yo, yo what they call you kid?Yeah they call me Bigg Jus Yo, it’s a shame when these MC’s fuck with meYeah what’s your name son? They call me El-P I must be, entirely, too fuckin nice El the Don Digital,

Krazy Kings

[Bigg Jus] I swing boomerangs and murder air attacksBlow out busted internet, access info out your backClip cut you off, I’m too advanced for your little causePole position, my verbal contact no life supportWe’ll maintain position, lift off to ignitionFrequency feedback provide ammunitionThe brain cells panic sell two tons of the IQWhen the energy starts


Whole lot of chumps turning hard on the radio (4X)The legends, go on back, my style is bizarreCourse through my blood of courseFor the crews that was and the crews who would be VaingloriousDenomination of commonly monstrous caution blow the unit’s sensationFucking with your theology like Darwinism in the Bible BeltWhen I felt demagogueous, bogus


OK ease back before I make position to squeezeThe head burner cookin, eminate thought and grab my phallusPlease, I pump kinetics with unintentional maliceWanna battle one of us is endin up in God’s palaceDoubt my shit’s Official, the Megatron missileBio-computer virus with flesh eating potential(I’m convinced) future MC’s are sending robots back in timeas we


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