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Baby, You’re A Rich Man

How does it feel to beOne of the beautiful people?Now that you know what you areWhat do you want to be?And have you travelled very far?Far as the eye can see.How does it feel to beOne of the beautiful people?How often have you been there?Often enough to know.What did you see, when you were there?Nothing


I’ve been told when a boy kiss a girlTake a trip around the worldHey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, HeyYes they say you do My girl says when I kiss her lipsGet the thrill thru fingertipsHey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, HeyYeah she said you do Well I talk about boysDon’t you know I mean boysWell I

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!

For the benefit of Mr. KiteThere will be a show tonightOn trampoline. The Hendersons will all be there.Later Pablo Fanques Fair;What a scene. Over men and horses, hoops and garders,Lastly, through a hog’s head of real fire;In this way Mr. K will challenge the world. The celebrated Mr. KPerforms his feat on SaturdayAt Bishop’s Gate.

And Your Bird Can Sing

You tell me that you’ve ev’ry thing you want,And your bird can sing,But you don’t get me, You don’t get me.You say you’ve seen seven wonders,And your bird is green,But you can’t see me, You can’t see me.When your prized possessions start to wear you down,Look in my direction I’ll be round,I’ll be round.When your

Let it Be

When I find myself in times of troubleMother Mary comes to meSpeaking words of wisdom, let it beAnd in my hour of darknessShe is standing right in front of meSpeaking words of wisdom, let it beLet it be, let it beLet it be, let it beWhisper words of wisdom, let it be And when the


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