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my reflection wraps and pulls me underhealing waters to be bathed in breñaguide me safely in worlds i’ve never been toheal me heal memy dear breñaso vulverablebut it’s all rightheal me heal memy dear breñashow me lonely and show me openings to lead me closer to you my dear brena so vulnerable but it’s all


overcome by your moving temple overcome by this holiest of altars so pure, so rare to witness such an earthly goddess that i’ve lost my self control beyond compelled to throw this dollar down before your holiest of altars i’d sell my soul, my self esteem a dollar at a time for one chance, one




you’re such an inspiration for ways that i will never ever choose to be oh so many ways for me to show you how your savior has abandoned you fuck your god he did this took all you had and left you this way still you pray never stray never taste of the fruit never

Diary of a Lovesong

Screaming at the window Watch me die another day Hopeless situation Endless price I’ll have to pay Diary of a madman Walk the line again today Entries of confusion Dear diary, I’m here to stay. Sanity now and beyond me I will always love you.However long I stayI will always love you.Whatever words I sayI


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