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Born With Nothing, Die With Everything

Fed-up Tired Sick and twisted One-man army I’m enlisted Trust yourself trust no one else Fuck a hero be yourself I don’t need your lousy hand-out Clinched fists i’ll fight my way out Fighting my way out Find my way out People wake up and sing along I trust no one My trust is gone

Singular Indestructible Droid

Blood of my blood Skin of my skin A normal human being Solder and wires Circuitry We’re far from human beings He’s sick of his skin It’s time to trade it in A galaxy of emotions Your soul is what it costs We walk the same path No body could get in our way Dangerously


Dead president fuck the president Mansons strive for power while I work to save my residents he owns you even though he never told you mark of the beast on ya hand now he owns you thrown down to the bottom level ruled by the fist and the fist is the devil I medamorphisize and

Life As A Bullet

My mind has been shut down My friends have been let down What is the reason There’s millions of reasons Single me out Tear off my front Make me expose what I conceal Life is a bullet The bloodstains prove it It’s tearing through you and me Not caring about you or me Now I

M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)

This music is my time To reel out and rewind I’ll be brutal with truth I’d rather be honest with my soul Be the pile of trash A bum picks through to get a bite to eat I’m filthy I’m horny I’m dirty nasty dirty I’m strong and fearless Only ’cause I got rock ‘n’


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