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Baby Come Back

[Verse 1]I was a fool to let you goLet you walk right out my doorIt was a bad mistake I madeAnd i regret it to this dayIf I had a second chanceGirl i promise I’d make it lastSo tonight I erase my prideIf you let me back inside [Chorus] Baby come backBaby come back to


I really love youGirl I really love youYou gonna love meI know you gonna love meDon’t you know that the feelings are real so deep down in our souls tonightOoh wee, Last night I wrote a letter to you, I want you to knowDon’t you know that the feelings are real so deep down in

Now and Forever

They’re always running aroundTelling me I should be freeBut there’s no kind of wayI’d let them take your love from meYou see I’m not one who goes onSpeculation, hearsay, gossipBut I’m a firm believer In trusting, caring and lovingMy love for you is so timelessIt’s deeper than the depth of emotionAnd every day goes by,

How Many Times

How many times you’re gonna let him use you You’d think that you would know by now How could you let him trest you so bad How many times will you let him break your heart I heard he lied to you I heard your love heabused/don’t say it isn’t so I see it in

Just For Your Love

[* = speaking] For your love… *Baby I’m like a sad man*I knew I was wrong*But when I told you all those lies, huh*I was a fool to make ’em*I was a big fool*But you got to beleive me when I said I loved you. For you love I would do anything baby *(Everyday hasn’t


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