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Can’t Think

[LL Cool J]You ever get to the point where you so frustratedyou ready to give up?You ready to end it all?Don’t do it dog, word upI don’t care if you black, white, latin, asian, whateverWe all go through painWhen you can’t think.. use your soul baby Preliminary discussions is over with, the verdict is inI

Born To Love You

James Todd Smith, knowhatI’msayin? TrackmastersFresh off the private jet from Europe – did four months out thereExtra paper, scoop that upBack on the scene, crisp and cleanYou know how we get down baby, let me tell you a lil’ story [LL Cool J]You’re not a chickenhead goin "hee-shey"You’re choosy in the bed like "hee-shey"I know

Starsky & Hutch

Uh. (Ha!) Uh. (Ha!) Uh. (Ha!) Uh. (Ha!) Uh. (Ha!) Yes y’all throw your hands up real high Let’s see where the people in the world is at Where you at shorty? With LL, Busta Rhymes, Check it out… Two big ballers keep the juice blending Fuck Black Ceaser, I didn’t like the ending Why?,

Big Mama (Unconditional Love)

ft. Dru Hill Yeah, this one’s dedicated, to my grandmother, and your grandmotherIt’s all love, let’s not forget who raised us, word up [LL Cool J]Big Mama, my grandmother, my main girlI love you much more than the scandalous worldAs a young boy you gave me whoopings to save my lifeCursed me out, to keep


Uhh, yeah.. mmm, c’monYou know how long I’ve been waiting for thisMmm, you know how bad I want this(mmm, mmm, mmm) [Chorus: Girl + (LL)]Kiss me from (uhh) head to toe (I will)Oooh baby, I love you so (c’mon)My sweet love, ain’t gon’ stop (uh)I’m gon’ be, your lollipop (lollipop)Kiss me from, head to toeOooh


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