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Ballad Of Dwight Fry

Mommy where’s daddy?He’s been gone for so long.Do you think he’ll ever come home? I was gone for fourteen daysI coulda been gone for moreHeld up in the intensive care ward lyin on the floor I was gone for all those days but I, was not all aloneI made friends with a lot of people

Is It My Body

What have I gotThat makes you want to love meIs it my bodyOr someone I might beOr somethin’ inside me You better tell meTell meIt’s really up to youHave you got the time to find outWho I really am What does it takeTo get inside of your mindGive me a breakAnd take a chance for

Is Anyone Home?

Talking in my sleep, next to no oneNever never, say never againI can’t rise and shineNo I won’t even tryMy rainy windows are crying cryingShoulda, woulda, coulda beenLike it shoulda beenA contender like Marlon BrandoEani Meani Minei MoCaught a virus won’t let goBeen down so long it looks like up to me I’m so lonely,

Only My Heart Talkin'

Anybody’s dream can fall apartAnybody’s mask can breakCouldn’t tell you how I wantedyouEnough to make you want to stayI never said the words out loudI guess I couldn’t get ’em straightBaby, give me one more chanceBefore you walk awayIt’s only, only, only, only my hearttalkin’Yeah, it’s only, only, only, only myheart talkin’Sayin’ things I never

Refrigerator Heaven

I’m freezing, I’m freezing, I’m icicle blue(So low, low cool)Cyber, neurotic, technicians imbue(So low, low cool)I’ve been admitted to Refrigerator Heaven Until they discover a cure for cancer, I’m lowRefrigerator HeavenSo low, Refrigerator Heaven I’m ice packed, I’m hand-stashed, I’m waiting for youI’m older and younger, preserved in a tombI’ve been admitted to Refrigerator HeavenI


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