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Bigot Sunshine

Big wingsAnd small watersCarry me back homeSmall mindsStand protected under bigot sunshineI’m not aloneBut I’m far from homeYou can never go home againYou can never go home again Main streetStanding naked on the Fourth of JulyDown streamAll the maniacs on my face they spy I’m not aloneBut I’m far from homeYou can never go home

Open Up Your Eyes

Choosing stones…Big enough to drag me downWhere I am…People’s voice’s make hollow soundsJust be quiet…They’ll go away Open up your eyes…Don’t let your mind tell the story hereOpen up your eyes…Just let me go It’s so safe…It’s so safe floating in the glassWhile above…While above all your troubles passJust be quiet…They’ll go away Open up

Lemon Parade

I wish I’d seen you as a little girlWithout your armor to fend off the worldI would have kept you underneath my wingI would protect you from everything Make way for the lemon paradeMake way for my girlMake way for the lemon paradeMake way for my girl Did the boys all tease you when they

Celtic Aggression

Somebody cried the death of cultureSomebody spit in a little boy’s faceSomebody said you robbed my homelandSomebody got the wrong impression So we came across the waterFrom the shores of the isle of greenSpeaking separate tonguesIn the death of culture Somebody said you stole my languageSome people will say anythingSomebody said you robbed my heritageSome

If You Could Only See

If you could only see the way she loves meThen maybe you would understandWhy I feel this way about our loveAnd what I must doIf you could only see how blue her eyes can be when she saysWhen she says she loves me Well you got your reasonsAnd you got your liesAnd you got your


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