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Well hello babyCome sit down, make your self comfortableTell me somthing, how long have we known each other?About ten months huh?Say what’s that on your finger? An engagement ring?So you and John are getting engaged, huh?You know he’s a mighty lucky guyShould be proud to have a woman like youListen, I’ve got something to tell

Red Red Wine

Red, red wineGo to my headMake me forget that IStill need her so Red, red wineIt’s up to youAll I can do, I’ve doneBut memories won’t goNo, memories won’t go I’d have thoughtThat with timeThoughts of herWould leave my headI was wrongAnd I findJust one thing makes me forget Red, red wineStay close to meDon’t

She Caught The Train

Another night of loneliness.My love is goneShe made a fuss and she was wrong,yet she is gone I asked her friends if they’d seen herThey said she’d take the trainI ran to catch the train, Oh my, the train is gone Another night of loneliness.My love is goneShe made a fuss and she was wrong,yet

Many Rivers To Cross

Many rivers to crossBut I can’t seem to find my way overWandering I am lost as I travel alongThe white cliffs of DoverMany rivers to cross and it’s only my willThat keeps me aliveI’ve been licked, washed up for years and,I merely survive because of my pride. And this loneliness won’t leave me aloneIt’s such

Sweet Sensation

I can feel those thrill’s walking overWhen you hold me tightNow I feel those pains aching overWhen you say goodnight Chorus Oh what sweet sensationLord what strange devotionYou’ve got love and devotionAnd I won’t forget your charm Now there’s nothing left for me to say girlBut stay in your worldYou’ve got so much soul deep


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