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Baby be true and I’ll give my love to you,I need you baby.Treat me right and I’ll love you day and night,I mean it baby. When you’re down I’ll be around,To guide you baby.When you’re free just call on me, baby.I’ll give my heart to you, now babe.I’ll do what you ask me too, now

Here I Am (Come And Take Me)

I can’t believe that it’s realThe way that you make me feelA burning deep down insideA love that I cannot hide I know it’s you and me babeThat makes the world go roundAh keeping you in love with me babyLaying all my troubles down Chorus Here I am babe, come and take meHere I am


I get my kicks from watching peopleRunning too and froAnd if you ask them where they’re goingHalf of the don’t knowThey’re the ones who think I’m crazyBut they don’t realize Chorus That I’m just groovin, groovinGrooving out on lifeI’m just groovin ooh groovinGroovin till I die I see a river flowing by me Heading for

Impossible Love

When we were togetherThose were the happiest time in all my lifeNow were separated I don’t know what I will do‘Cause I can’t ever love another No matter how hard I try‘Cause I know. It’s impossible, Where ever you may beI hope you’ll hear my songThen maybe you’ll realiseMy love that you were wrong ‘Cause

Just Another Girl

I know, and you know it true thatthis love is really really true andI know, and you know it true that this love is really really true and I want tell your friends, no other kinda way There’s one thing you should know, you are just another girl Just another girl, that’s what you are


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