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Seek And Destroy

We are scanning the scenein the city tonightWe are looking for youto start up a fightThere is an evil feelingin our brainsBut it is nothing newyou know it drives us insane Running,On our wayHiding,You will payDying,One thousand deathsRunning,On our wayHiding,You will payDying,One thousand deathsSearching,Seek and DestroySearching,Seek and DestroySearching,Seek and DestroySearching,Seek and Destroy There is no

Hit The Lights

No life till leatherWe are gonna kick some ass tonightWe got the metal madnessWhen our fans start screamingIt’s right well alrightWhen we start to rockWe never want to stop again Hit the lightsHit the lightsHit the lights You know our fans are insaneWe are gonna blow this place awaywith volume higherThan anything today the only

Phantom Lord

Sound is ripping through your earsThe deafing sound of metal nearsYour bodies waiting for his whipsThe taste of leather on your lips Hear the cry of WarLouder than beforeWith his sword in handto control the landCrushing metal strikeson this frightening nightFall onto your kneesFor the Phantom Lord Victems falling under chainsYou hear them crying death

Jump In The Fire

Down in the depths of my firey homeThe summons bell will chimeTempting you and all the earthto join our sinful kindThere is a job to be done and I’m the oneYou people make me do itNow it is time for your fate and I won’t hesitateto pull you down into this pit So come onJump

Metal Militia

Thunder and lightning the gods take revengeSenseless destructionVictems of fury are cowardly nowRunning for safetyStabbing the harlot to pay for her sinsLeaving the virginSuicide running as if it were freeRipping and tearing On through the mist and the madnessWe are trying to get the message to youMetal MilitiaMetal MilitiaMetal Militia Chained and shadowed to be


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