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Can’t Nobody

[verse1:]trying to let you know what it’s all abouti know you wanna leaveso many little games silly people playdon’t act foolishlyi’m so real, so soft to touchmy love my kiss so sweet, gloriousthe look on your faceanyone can seeno one does it like me [chorus]oh no, oh no can’t nobodydo it like me, uh uh

Haven’t Told You

Looking in my eyesWhat do you seeOnly meGot nothing to hideSee can you findWhat’s on my mindThis happens so fast not a part of my planSo I’m leaving my heart in your hand [Chorus]Haven’t told you just how much I love youOnly if I’m dreaming I show my feelingsHaven’t told you just how much I

Simply Deep

ft. Solange Knowles [Verse 1]Is anybody home in there?I unexpectedly dropped by your heartI simply wanted you to hearThe cry of my love’s never ending startI’mpossibly escaping youAnd circumstances never stand a chanceSo intrigued by the things you do [Chorus]Through my eyes I envisioned youYour love protects my every moveMy life swings to your heart

Beyond Imagination

[verse1:]you speak only what you heareasily influentialso secluded no one’s nearthis home’s full of ritualsyour mother’s goin on striketired of preaching sermons andfather’s vacation tonightis somewhat permanent [chorus]i gotta goto somewhere beyond imaginations flowhear my toneit says i am alone [verse2:]your life seems dysfunctionalit only acts what you showyou’re your own psychiatrista slight minute from


I love you and I need youNelly, I love you, I doNeed you No matter what I doAll I think about is youEven when I’m with my BooBoy, you know I’m crazy over you No matter what I doAll I think about is youEven when I’m with my BooYou know I’m crazy over you Uh-uh-uh-uhI


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