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But I Lied

Wonder if it’s always been this bright I could never tell you where it all went wrong Because you were always right I could spend a lifetime handing out the blame I could call it all a big mistake But love that we are given never goes away It just changes every day Guess I’ll

Dare You To Be Happy

I dare you to be happy, hit it What does it take Stop me making the same mistake Now I see, it’s not me What a fool I’ve been Yeah Yeah I’m not ashamed Everybody can play that game It’s ok, it’s one way And we all survive You talk about my freedom Talk about

God Only Knows

I took a ride that took me out of nowhere Life is an open door I took a chance on you when it was unclear What we were hoping for This world can be oh so cruel But I’ve paid my dues God only knows What you do to me Where we will be tomorrow

Something's Gotta Chance

I was lost in a world looking inside And no one could hear me I close my eyes, and I’m somewhere else When no one can see me lying, I’m crying I need some peace But I haven’t found it Something’s gotta change Nothing stays the same Something’s gotta change ‘Cause I can’t live this

Symphony For Life

Stars are shinning in your eyes And I begin to realise That our path through times unbroken Do you know what it’s like When a mirror never lies And the truth remands unspoken And we dance into the fire ‘Cause our spirits take us higher Do you feel me now Burning like a flame If


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