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Sittin over hereStarin in your faceWith lust in my eyesSure don’t give a damn and yaDon’t know that I’ve been dreamin of ya inMy fantasiesNever once you looked at meDon’t even realize that I’m wantin youTo fulfill my needsThink what you wantLet your mind freeRun free to a place no one dares to How many

He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive

ChaNo noNo no no no noOoh baby I’ve got his pictureIt’s on my dresserRight next to my bedHe doesn’t know meBut I sure know himI can’t get him out of my head, no (Talk to him)No noI haven’t even tried He doesn’t even know that I’m alive, noHe doesn’t even know that I’m alive I


Feeling so alone and desertedWith people standing all around youShould I trust someoneShould I stay off to myselfAlone with no one to talk toIt’s such a helpless feeling So anytime you feel the needCall me when you’re lonelyCause everybody needs a friendTo be there when they’re lonely So don’t isolate yourselfEvery time that I come

Because Of Love

You got me singin… [CHORUS:]Because of loveI know you betterBecause of loveWe are togetherBecause of loveYou have my heartBecause of loveWe’ll never part When I first met youI knew thatlife would never be the same And I knewThat you felt it tooNever feel alone again boyCause your love makes me feel so secureYou got me

Can't Be Stopped

Nothing’s gonna stop usWe can’t be stopped I know that it’s not been easyTrying to make it in this crazy worldPeople ’round you try to stop youStomp you saying that you don’t belong You must remember thatWe were born with blood of kings and queensAnd can’t be stoppedStay stronger my sister you can’t be stoppedNo,


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