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She’s the One

I was her she was meWe were one we were freeAnd if there’s somebody calling me onShe’s the oneIf there’s somebody calling me onShe’s the one We were young we were wrongWe were fine all alongIf there’s somebody calling me onShe’s the oneWhen you get to where you wanna goAnd you know the things you

Stand Your Ground

Stand your groundYou’re big enoughStand your groundYou know too muchToday drifts into tomorrowAnd you can almost taste the sorrowStand your groundYou’ve had enoughLost and foundDiamond in the roughToday drifts into tomorrowYou feel your soul’s been borrowedOooh, oooh…Stand your groundThe water’s deepFeel the sand beneath your feetI know your prayers seem hollowBut when it’s hard they

Stalkers Day Off (I've Been Hanging Around)

I’ve been hanging aroundJust in case you fall in love with meI know you have doubts I hear when you shoutCos I understand you see I was concerned when you saidYou’d rather wake up deadThan spend a day with meI know that’s not youI know and it’s trueThey don’t understand you like I do I’ve

Phoenix From the Flames

Silence shields the painSo you say nothingFeel they’ve rigged the gameAnd you’re done with lovin’Only you can see the darkness in the northern lights Phoenix from the FlamesWe will rise togetherThey will know our namesCan you feel itShelter me from painI always wanna feel this wayOh yeahJust like a Phoenix from the Flame Wish they’d

Heaven From Here

Know no fear I’ll still be here tomorrowBend my ear I’m not gonna go awayYou are love so why do you shed a tearKnow no fear you will see heaven from here I’ll shelter you make it alright to cryAnd you’ll help too cos the faith in myselfHas run dryWe are love and I just


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